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This is a blog about our farmstay in the beautiful Hunter Valley. It is a place for families to unwind and get a taste for the good life.

This is our farm stay diary of events on the farm and the local area. Please read through and enjoy.

Our farm stay apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, spectacular lounge/dining room , sun room and kitchenette.Oh and we think you will find that the spa bath is the best one you have ever tried!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Spring At The Farm

 It is shaping up to be a very hot Spring .... with our grass starting to dry off already . Our farm stay visitors have been grateful for the air conditioning in the middle of the day !

 Snow the Goat and Louie , her baby are doing fine. Louie is still drinking off mum.... we have arrived at a fine arrangement that we milk when we need milk and Louie has the rest! It is great keeping the kid and sharing the load, it means that we can go away for a weekend and Louie does the milking.
Looking forward to tackling some goat milk cheese making again next week and making a batch of goat milk soap.
 This time of year is berry season for us. We are picking about 2 colanders every couple of days when there are no farm stay visitors here. We have lots of mulberries too. There is nothing finer than picking berries with a friend and chatting !
 Gretchen and Harry have had their annual hair cut . . It has been two years now ...and my dreams of having a 'milking sheep' have been very slow in happening as we are still waiting on Gretchen to fall pregnant. Gretchen is part 'friesian' and our ram is a wiltipoll .
 Lots of kangaroos at the moment. We see them every farm tour now .
 We are now booked out until December for farm stay bookings. We won't be taking any family farm stay bookings now until March due to the heat . (just accomodation only - no activities in January /Feb.) Once we start March, activities start up again as the weather becomes milder.
In 2016 we will be placing avaliable dates up to make booking easier for people - of course if there is a date that suits you better, you are welcome to enquire about that too.
The farm stay in 2016 will only be taking 2 bookings per month as we want to give that quality time to both our beautiful guests and the farm.

We have just opened up the following dates for booking for 2016 :
March 14th-16, 2016
March 18-20, 2016
March 25- 27th, 2016. ...
Please email for a tarriffs sheet.

To keep up with day to day happenings on the farm , just follow our facebook page at

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Farm Stay Dates

Please note that the farm stay is closed from August 1st - September 6th. 2015
This is due to farm committments and personal committments.Sometimes we need some catch up time on the farm and family time.
Looking forward to getting back to work in September and meeting more wonderful farm stay visitors.
It is also a screen free time for us - so please understand that if you send us an email in this time period , we may not be able to reply until we are back doing farm stay bookings again.

Many thanks for your understanding,
Kim & David.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dear World......What's Happening At The Little Black Cow Farm Stay in June and July

Dear Farm Stay Friends,
It has been so long since we have posted on the blog page as a diary of what is happening on the farm.It has been wonderfully busy as we connect with beautiful people from around Australia and the world. So we will write this one in the form of a letter to a long lost friend so that you can all catch up on farm news.
The farm stay garden is now complete and farm stay visitors are now reaping the rewards of the work each visitor puts into the garden . At the moment we have bok choy , cabbage, broccolli, and snow peas to name a few yummy veges growing at the moment.
The children that visit are always asked to plant seeds for the next group of children that visit.They can then keep checking on the face book page to see if their plants have grown.
It always amuses me a few weeks later when the seeds come up , mostly where we planted ...but often in really weird places where a 2 year old has wandered off to plant somewhere else. This is why we have snow peas coming up without trellis support at times!
We are learning from our guests also. The Chua family from Singapore visited a few weeks ago and showed us that we could make better use of our farm stay veges. It turns out we could have been cooking the sweet potato leaves as a leafy green. It has become one of our favourite dishes to make , just stir fried with garlic, a bit of soy sauce and chicken stock.
Our Little Black Cow Beef business has been busy also . We are now delivering grass fed beef to customers in Newcastle and surrounding areas in our food authority approved delivery trailer. These customers have been coming back to the farm for a farm tour too , to see where their food is coming from .It is kind of fun to be the ones doing the visiting instead of people coming to us - I like the cappachino at nice cafe with David at the end of deliveries in the city - it is a bit like going on a date!

Farm tours are quite often on the weekend if we are not doing a farm stay with accomodation. I quite enjoy these 1.5 hr jaunts up to the back paddock and take the opportunity to take lots of photos from the back of the jeep as David talks to our visitors about the farm.

The photos always seem to capture that big sky feel when we are up there. It has been a cold ,wet Winter this time round and the grass is long and yellow in appearance. I am longing for some more sun to dry out the ground. In many farm posts further back you will read about our wishes for rain, but really.... we have had enough.... we are tired of mud now. You can never please us!
Small visitors are always a constant with the farm stay and we wouldn't have it any other way. Seeing the farm through a child's eyes makes us better farmers .... and better people .
We have had children from all over the world this year....Australia, Sweden , China, Singapore, India..... the list goes on. It never seems to matter if they speak English or not because all children can speak 'sheep, goat , and guinea pig and the animals seem to be able to speak their language too!
Our Singapore guests are still being amused by attempts to speak Mandrin with the words 'Xiao Hay Nu ' ( Little Black Cow ) - who would have thought 3 words could be so tricky to say in Chinese , the intonation , the accent .... still working on it - I am sure one day I will get it right.
The kangaroos now stand still for photos at the farm. It seems that they have gotten so used to the jeep taking guests around that they realise we are not to be feared. We still get asked if we 'own them' ,but after the roos jump over the top of the fence people realise that no one can really own a kangaroo.
This week a family got to see a baby joey hop into it's mother's pouch before they hopped away!
There have also been sightings of wedge tailed eagles up here as well. Always a great moment to see one of these circling above the jeep.I really like standing in the back of the jeep when I see one of those...kind of feels like I am on safari in Africa.
The cattle are now up the back in the 'top of the world ' paddock . The calves have all been born and are old enough to be taken with mum up to the back paddock. This is our Winter paddock and they will most likely stay here for a while now until Spring comes.
This is our current bull. He is probably the quietest bull we have ever had , but also the most stubborn. He doesn't get cross you if you try to get him to move, he just stands there and looks at you as if to say , 'Have you noticed I am much bigger than you? ' I am like some little pesky fly buzzing around him , so I always get David to move him!
We have had quite a few open days this year. This was the art lesson for our 'Art and Machines Day' . We had some kids come out to experience all the different machines on the farm , we climbed on them, drew them and invented our own machines. It was a really fun day!
It is funny when we get the tractor out .... we always end up with the 'tractor baby ' problem . This is where a baby gets to sit in the tractor ....but then refuses to ever ever get out.They have a grip on that steering wheel that no one can unlock ...those chubby baby fingers are really strong. We have learnt that we need to give them more time to do their 'driving' . I would love to know what is going on and what they are thinking when they are doing this. The look on their faces though is one of pure joy when what they would normally see as a toy is actually big enough to climb inside! It is one of those 'firsts' that David and I get to see and we never get tired of it!
Quite often now , our baby guinea pigs go home with farm stay visitors ,especially if they live locally. It is a nice way to keep the population down as we see little kids walking off with their first pet . If not, we often talk about the guinea pig being a great first pet and it is the place children spend the most time when they are here.

One of the most freaky things about the farm stay is that it always seems like things happen especially for farm stay guests. It always seems to happen on a tour that we get to see something particularly special - in this photo a little boy got to see a newborn baby calf just moments old.
Harry the sheep is still a super star of the farm . The sheep herd is 21 sheep in size now ...which is big for us! They are a meat breed and this helps us be more sustainable on the farm.
Most sheep will lamb in August. We do have one ewe in the houseyard with the dogs at the moment, who may lamb any day now.The creek has been flowing well due to all the rain and local flooding. Our guests have been doing walks along here . The little island in the middle of the creek where people went to skim stones has now been washed away and it is interesting for people who come back for return visits just how much the farm can change since their last visit.

And David and I are doing something special which has nothing to do with the farm in August. We are going on The Black Dog Ride . Click on the link and you can read more about it - our team is called 'Team Branxton' . We will be gone for about 3 weeks and luckily David's mum and dad are minding the farm for us whilst we are away.
We are really excited as the ride goes all the way to Ayers Rock . It is a great cause and we are travelling with good people . I have made the sheep and goats promise not to lamb or kid until I get home ... if only we could take them with us!

So that's all the June July news, farm stay friends! Promise to post a bit more regularly from now on!

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